Services at the Consular Services Department

Effective coordination with the Nepali Missions abroad in providing legal assistance, compensation and insurance amount to the legal heir of the Nepali undertaking various jobs and professions in foreign countries, rescue the stranded Nepali abroad and repatriate dead bodies of the Nepali.

Consular attestation of the documents issued by the governmental bodies to Nepali citizens;which are meant to be presented abroad.

Issuing Nepali Diplomatic, Official and Gratis visas and Diplomatic Identity Cards to the foreign officials and diplomats working in diplomatic missions and international organizations based in Nepal.

Providing recommendations for the exemption on customs for goods and vehicles to be imported by the foreign officials working in missions and international organizations in Nepal.

Visa recommendations at the foreign embassies in Nepal and abroad for the Nepali governmental officials/ dignitaries nominated by the Government to participate in foreign trainings, seminars, conferences.

At present, the Department has following sections:

  1. Consular and Legal Consultation

  2. Consular Attestation

  3. Visa and Diplomatic Exemption and Privileges

  4. Administration